One time/Refill purchase FAQs

What is a refill subscription ?

Refill subscription is our creative way to save you time & effort and help you receive your monthly dose of our CBD rich products without the need to place a new order every month.

How is a refill different from a One Time purchase ?

One time purchase option is intended for trying our products by placing an order that will be delivered to you once while a refill purchase enables you to receive the desired CBD products of your choice on a specified date every month without the need for going through the ordering process again and again.

How can I subscribe for a refill ?

  • Select the desired product from our variety of CBD rich products.
  • On the product page, Select how many items of the product you want to receive for the “Refill option”

  • Click “Add to Cart”
  • Once you are done shopping, you can click go to cart button and then go through our fast & easy checkout process.

When will I receive my refill subscription products ?

The products you have subscribed for will be shipped every month on the date specified in your subscription. The delivery time depends on the shipping method you choose during the checkout process.

Your credit card won’t be charged until the products you have subscribed to receive are ready to be shipped.

How can I manage my refill subscription ?

Once you submit a refill order for the first time, a new account will be automatically created that will enable you to manage your subscriptions, payment method & shipping address. You will also receive an email with the instructions.

How can I edit/cancel my refill subscription ?

  • login to your account as described above.
  • Click My Subscriptions.
  • selecting the subscription you want to modify
  • To change the address or the payment method, click the relevant action button below the subscription info.
  • To cancel the subscription, click the “Cancel Subscription button”.

What will happen if I cancel my refill subscription ?

If you choose to cancel your subscription, your billing cycle will be terminated from our side & you will be notified by email.